Sex And The City Slot Machine

IGT, the absolute kings of land-based slots, entertainment and innovations in the gambling industry, can often be seen next to the words like ‘success’ or ‘state-of-the-art’. An amazing characteristic of this software manufacturer is that they have never been afraid of experimenting and bringing something new to the scene. That’s why as soon as their release is announced, a whole lot of excitement and fuss begins, probably because IGT really know how to take a commonplace thing and turn it into a premium experience. So, when rumor had it that the developer was going to reintroduce one of the loveliest TV franchise to land-based venues, everyone held their breath in patient anticipation, waiting for a refreshing twist. Needless to say that Sex And The City has been exploited by multiple game studios for a long time, but IGT managed to conceptually capitalize on the show.



Do not be put off by bright pink colors, sparkling diamonds and glamorous tunes pouring out of the speakers – Sex Slots would never take you to the region of stereotypical thinking. This peculiar design seems nothing more than a mere bow to the original atmosphere of the series, and it does not mean the target audience of the machine has to be 100% feminine. However, for the sake of the argument, one may absolutely rightfully claim that those players whose interests are diametrically different to girl-small-talks TV shows might get confused about all that pink glitter. In any case, IGT’s Sex & The City rendition deserves to be discussed in detail.


A Few General Features


To begin with, right as you load the game, it welcomes you with some choice straight away – players can select from four different gaming modes each tied to the leading character from the show. Even though the bonus part remains the same, the layout continues to switch to something new with every different character coming. The symbols, though, also stick to the point across all the modes, but we cannot deny this intriguing plot twist from the beginning.


Another moment to appreciate is five progressive jackpots that gamblers can trigger all of the sudden. Well-crafted windows displaying how much you would get to win in case the right combination falls onto the reels keeps the game in a dynamic path, but does not even try to tease you – the jackpots serve more as unobtrusive reminders of the possible opportunities. And while you might be chasing after the prime prize, there’s plenty of other things to keep you busy, too.


A Word On Graphics And Animation


Quality entertainment can be a difficult notion to define, especially if you compare different slot machines one to another. Of course, Sex And The City does not leave an impression of a highly graphical story when you bring up the latest online titles, but for a land-based game of the past decade it is doing pretty well. Regarding gameplay functionality, we might forgive this moment of chaos with strange imagery. Nevertheless, you should not be worried about animation at all: albeit the graphics is unsatisfactory to some extent, the way gaming elements revolve across the panel has a certain appeal and beauty within.


Exploring Fantastic Gameplay Features


So, you get too disappointed in the visual arrangement to carry on, but do not give up on Sex And The City that easily because as soon as you enter the bonus lounge, things drastically change. The slot machine stuns with nine (!) various bonus rounds each of those not only enhances the chance to win big, but also offers something unforgettable adorned by video footages and interesting playthrough. Let’s go through the most notable mentions in the game to set the record straight.


Change Of Dress. The first thrilling bonus part to look at is a feature called ‘Change Of Dress’ where gamblers get to choose their preferable character and a dress to put on them. Oh, boys, let this activity never jeopardize your masculinity, but you will be quite enjoying doing it. If you match details right, profitable multipliers as well as bonus credits will pour down like rain.



Perfect Gift. Another chance to earn a good living is through Perfect Gift feature that is probably the simplest outlook of them all. You will be shown a stack of in-game symbols and depending on your choice you can win either a pleasing or cringeworthy number of coins. Quite simplistic approach to bonusing players, but it has style.


Hello Lover. One more pick-and-click features in the best traditions of good old scratch games, but what it especially astounding is the process. After you get through well-animated ‘unboxing’, Sex And The City will reward you with some delightful free spins.


Not A Penny Slot


Speaking of the downsides, IGT’s rendition lacks amiability in terms of wagering. This is the greatest shortcoming to the slot, because the game really comes off as a penny machine, but as soon as you browse betting options, it might turn into a sheer nightmare for low rollers. Regarding that Sex And The City offers to play throughout four screen versions at a time, it significantly impacts on minimums which in this case become $2 per hit. However, there are options to minimize betting. But bear in mind that this machine will not tolerate low budgeted play at all.


One Of A Kind, Yet Expensive


To wrap it all up, Sex And The City represents an honorable plot-based machine with a great deal of positive moments. Fans will be pleased by detailed portrayals and sceneries while others might take pleasure in the diverse gameplay. IGT obviously did a good job with this one.